Review: Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pallete


PHOTO:  Melt Cosmetics selfie (c) Sery Kim


Over the last five years of doing on-camera interviews, I have very gradually picked up some make-up tips from the professionals who turn this nerdy lawyer into a very glamorous, high-definition ready one.  From foundation to contouring to lip color, I have managed to do pretty well for myself in learning ... with the big exception of eye make-up.  For some reason, the whole smokey-eye look has been challenging for me to get right.  I seem forever hopeless in blending and I always put too much color on.  However, the new Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette has made even the novice like me easily trainable.


I had never heard of Melt Cosmetics before Sephora had a 50% off sale on this palette.  (Normally $65.00, now on sale for $32.50.)  I was in the hunt for some new eyeshadow and, because I gravitate towards darker colors for my lids, the Sephora consultant showed me this Melt pallette.  The colors, going from green to red, seemed severely too harsh for my professional day look.  Yet, for the price, I didn't want to say no.  So I didn't.


On Melt Cosmetics YouTube Channel, you can watch tutorials on how to apply their eyeshadow, but I can tell you exactly how I did my look above.  I took one row of colors and, starting with the right right color, I applied a very light base.  I then took the far left color on the same row for the crease and outer eye.  After applying the initial two colors, I took my blended brush and lightened the entire look once more before taking the middle color and applying it to the middle of my eyelid.  


For the look above, I took Dream Big for across the main lid.  Then I applied Boss Lady in the outer crease, with CEO for the middle.  I blended it all out before I took Dream Big to blend in the outer eyeshadow, through the waterline below my eye.  For one final sweep, I again took CEO and applied it as an eyeliner after the eye before taking Charlotte Tilbury's Rock'n'Roll eyeliner as a finishing touch.  


Overall, probably the best eye-makeup look I have ever done on myself!  I am so proud and have frequently repeated this look.  Buy it for yourself at Sephora here -- and it's still on sale!

PHOTO:  The perfect date night look (c) Sery Kim


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