Review: Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe


PHOTO:  Doughnuts from Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe (c) Sery Kim


I am not in the habit of just writing off a restaurant due to one bad incident, particularly when they do have delicious products as the Ballston Virginia restaurant Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe does.  (If you recall -- read more here -- we went to this restaurant on a Friday and had a not-so-great ordering experience, with one donut which was stale and dry., and one order missing for approximately 20-30 minutes.)  Since two of the donuts were outstanding, I went back for a second attempt the very next day and I will say the second day of donuts was infinitely better than the first ... so good I went back a third time to make sure my read of Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe is right!


PHOTO:  Mini-doughnuts at Good Doughnut Company & Cafe (c) Sery Kim


What makes the Good Doughnut Company & Cafe the best in the DMV?  It absolutely has everything to do with the fluffiness of the actual baked doughnut, as well as the filling yet light density of any filling.  Each donut, except the chocolate cake doughnut's persistently over-baked state, is perfectly cooked.  Instead of the doughnuts being squishy soft as is the case with other doughnut shop, Good Doughnut Company & Cafe has just-the-right snapback after the first bite, which lets you know there is the perfect amount of yeast. 


Additionally, any doughnut with a filling just can not be beat in the D.C. marketplace -- and trust me!  I have eaten at them all.  The filling does not separate like a jam.  Instead, irrespective of whether it is fruit or cream based, the filled donuts have a strong consistency in texture closer to a mousse.  Every bite is a marvelous snapshot of whatever the filling is and so good to eat.  


If you get just one doughnut, the Blueberry filled one is the winner, with the Lemon or Strawberry filled doughnut very close runners-up.  I think I gravitate toward the blueberry filling because it is truly unique for a donut.

PHOTO:  Meat Lover Breakfast Sandwich (c) Sery Kim


Even if you don't like sweets, Good Doughnut Company & Cafe has an excellent savory menu.  From breakfast sandwiches to all-day varietals such as salads and heartier main entrees, the restaurant really attempts to fill the entire day's meals.  (The donuts are available all day so long as they aren't sold out.)  They even have alcoholic drinks like wine and cocktails.  You can view the entire menu here.


I've really only attempted the breakfast sandwiches and my favorite is the Meat Lover breakfast sandwich.  Rich and hearty, this sandwich layers four different kinds of meat with cheese, then places it on house-made bread.  Delicious delicious!


Also, since I specifically said this restaurant messed up my order, I came back the next day and they all remembered me.  The service was impeccable -- and they offered me a free donut, which was nice.


Be sure to check out this mom-and-pop shop.  It is literally owned by a married couple whose niece mans the check-out machine, and they do offer a high quality product.

PHOTO:  Frosted doughnut (c) Sery Kim


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