Celebratory dinner at Gravitas DC


PHOTO:  Mike and I at Gravitas last night (c) Sery Kim


My boyfriend Mike took me out to Gravitas DC to celebrate my new job.  We were excited to get out into a restaurant in D.C. since the city has been, essentially, fully shut-down since March.  Everyone dining at the restaurant around us was in a celebratory mood as well.  There was a micro-wedding there while we ate, as well as a birthday celebration, so it truly felt festive!  More on the food, wine and service later, but overall the food was as expected though the wine pairing was substantially disappointing.  Either way, I am so thankful and blessed to have a partner who enjoys the same things as I me -- and loves me so well!

PHOTO:  "Quick Trip to Paradise" cocktail at Gravitas



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