Corona-10: Thank you Girl Scouts


PHOTO:  My Girl Scout cookie delivery yesterday (c) Sery Kim


Just for a bit of levity during this stressful time, there is a joke going around about how those of us with the luxury to stay home (while still being paid) are gaining the "Corona 10."  Much akin to the "Freshmen 15" that every college student is familiar with, aka gaining 15 pounds of weight in their first year of college -- I lost 15 pounds because I was so stressed out --, the "Corona 10" is the adult stress eating equivalent.


I don't have the iron will my boyfriend and other friends have so these past three weeks so I have put on 7 pounds.  And yesterday, to add to my snack pile, my Girl Scout cookie delivery from February finally arrived.  I did sell two boxes in the lobby and give another one away but this is just way to dangerous to be in our home.  Therefore, just to make sure I don't gain any more weight I have hide these away until I am able to get back to work.  I can afford to sit at home.  I can't afford to buy a brand new wardrobe!!


I hope all of y'all are safe and well.  If you have a hankering for Girl Scout cookies, let me know and I will mail you some!


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