Hello from charming Columbus, Ohio!


PHOTO:  On the field of Ohio State's stadium after Ohio State beat Penn State 28-17 (c) Sery Kim


Hello from perfectly charming Columbus, Ohio!  Yesterday, I had a terrific first day here in the heart of the Midwest.  You would not believe how incredible the food is -- whatever Food and Wine Magazine said about Columbus being one of the top food destinations in the country, multiple it by a hundred-fold and you will get a nominal sense of how spectacular the food has been.  Even the bit of rain and cold weather did not deter from how much fun I had!


After a super fast and easy, less than 90 minute direct flight from Washington, D.C., I dropped off my luggage at my hotel before heading straight to Fox and the Snow Cafe in the Italian Village for breakfast yesterday where I had the literal best (no exaggeration) Sticky Bun and Egg Sandwich I have ever had in my life.  In fact, the food was so good -- more on that later -- I immediately ordered two pies for Thanksgiving before I even ate a second bite of both aforementioned items.  

PHOTO:  Sticky Bun at Fox in the Snow Cafe (c) Sery Kim


For lunch, I skipped not only because I was so incredibly full from breakfast but we were so fortunate to have gotten tickets to the sensational Ohio State v. Penn State game.  Congratulations Buckeyes on the huge win over Penn State:  28-17!  The fans could not have been nicer, and I had phenomenal seats with a great view of the game.  


As for dinner was at The Keep inside Hotel LeVeque, and I was shocked how masterful the savory courses were.  I was so tired from a full day of activities, I could only manage a few appetizers but I look forward to reviewing the restaurant for y'all.  But now it's time to get back to Columbus and my itinerary:  today is the German Village food tour and I am excited for it!  


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