Day One: Breakfast at Patagonia Camp


PHOTO:  Dining room at Patagonia Camp (c) Sery Kim


Arriving to Patagonia Camp after more than 24 hours of travel, felt cathartic and exhilarating.  From the main highway in Chile, the wooden arches of Patagonia Camp rise unexpectedly like one of those quintessential camp movies from the 1980's.  However, there is nothing campy or retro about the modern and super luxurious Patagonia Camp.


Upon arrival, the hospitality of the team at Patagonia Camp instantly makes you feel at home.  You are greeted with warm smiles and even warmer cocktails.  Despite the lovely greeting, I was struck first and foremost by the enormous lake abutting the property, Lake Toro.  "Toro Lake" or "Lake Toro" is the largest lake in the Magallanes region of Chile with incredible views of the Macizo del Paine.  Not a single one of the buildings at Patagonia Camp obscures the views of either the lake or Macizo del Paine, providing a breathtaking introduction to the region of Patagonia.


Guests enter into the main building which serves as the dining room.  My eyes didn't know what to absorb first!  The design, the food or the views!

PHOTO:  My first breakfast at Patagonia Camp (c) Sery Kim


Since I hadn't had really substantive food in a while, naturally I launched myself into the food.  More on the food later, but I will say the breakfast buffet had a plentiful array of fresh, health options particularly when you note how remote the property is from the remainder of the world.  In particular, I will note how phenomenal the bread/pastry program is at Patagonia Camp.  Every piece of bread is made in-house and it was decidedly better than any piece of bread I had back home in Washington, D.C.!  This is noteworthy because I am truly not much of a bread person; however, my compliment might be more resounding when you consider how much I love sweets.  I managed to sneak in a few not-so-healthy options every morning at breakfast like the two cookies pictured above and, I readily confess, I ate at least 3 or 4 cookies every day!  (Sorry diet!)  My favorite were the Oatmeal Raisin cookies, which felt like a super healthy granola bar.


I honestly can not wait to go back to Patagonia Camp with my family one day so they can experience these views and try some of the amazing food!

PHOTO:  A screenshot of some of my best Patagonia Camp pictures (c) Sery Kim


Be tune to sign up for updates on the blog for an analysis on the rest of my first day at Patagonia Camp, as well as on the remainder of my trip!  Thank you again to amazing team there for having me!


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