Thanks for having me on today ABC's Let's Talk Live!!


PHOTO:  Me and the Executive Chefs and General Managers today at Let's Talk Live (c) Sery Kim


I had a great time being on ABC's Let's Talk Live today to provide a "Girl's Guide to Steakhouses."  Many thanks to the teams at Bourbon Steak, Oak Steakhouse and RPM Steakhouse for coming on!!  Also, again, I want to make an extra special shout-out to Executive Chef Drew Dodd at Bourbon Steak for making my Marine's special day EXTRA special -- Drew actually does a lot for the military in general so I can not recommend Bourbon Steak enough!!!  They have been, are and shall remain my go-to spot for special occasions!


Be sure to tune back in November 7th to hear more great restaurant tips from me!  Until again, thank you for watching!



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