Fabulous 1st time highlights at Ian McCabe Studio


PHOTO:  My first-ever highlights (c) Sery Kim


Yesterday, I went to my favorite D.C. colorist Adissa at Ian McCabe Studio in Union Market for an updated look for summer.  I typically see her just for a single-process color to touch up the gray roots at my hair -- growing old is super not fun! -- but yesterday I decided for a real color change.  I didn't know what color I was going to be, I didn't even realize my color would be so light!, but I asked for "Kate Middleton" highlights and five hours later this is what I look like.




I couldn't believe my hair took over five hours!  The estimate for a highlight typically is 2-3 hours, but since I added a step in to eliminate the grays at my roots the time doubled.  Additionally, I have a lot of hair.  That is the first comment anyone who touches my hair mentions -- "Wow!!  You have a lot of hair!!"  But still, five hours is a long time even if you count in the fact we did start late (at 2:30 pm instead of 2:00 pm).


To really break-it-down, the single process took about 90 minutes:  application, 35 minutes to let it set, wash and then the hair has to be blown dry before the highlights can begin.  If you have less hair than me, you could probably have your hair dried in 10 or 15 minutes.  Without any styling at all, my hair still takes about 30 minutes to dry straight because my hair is so healthy/thirsty it holds on to a lot of water.  Then the actual highlighting of my hair took another 2 hours:  same process as with single process color.  Before I realized it, the time read 7:00 pm and Adissa had yet to start the process of drying my hair.  I'm so glad I brought my laptop and got a lot of work done!


Since, we were way behind schedule, I didn't get my usual gorgeous blow-out from Adissa -- even with another person helping her blow out my hair, my hair went stick straight the moment I started walking outside -- but I thought my overall hair color looked pretty great for summer.  Be sure to ask for her at Ian McCabe Studio in Union Market here.  Price for single process is $110, which does not include the blow out, and the price for highlights runs at a minimum of $290, again which does not include the final blow out style.




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