Thank you all for the birthday wishes!


PHOTO:  My birthday smash cake made by Bird Bakery Highland Park (c) Sery Kim


Thank you all so much for my wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!  I feel so loved!!  I also appreciate how so many people I knew took time out of their very busy schedules to reach out to me! 


As for what I actually did on my birthday, I landed in Dallas around 8:30 am in the morning, rented a car and then went off to do all my favorite things when I am home:  (1) go to Sam Moon Trading Company for my quarterly jewelry purchases; (2) Bird Bakery in Highland Park for lunch (chicken salad sandwich, a monster cookie and a carrot cake cupcake); and (3) walking around Highland Park Village for some additional shopping.  Regardless of when I come to Texas, and I come quarterly to see my nephew Jackson Parker, this is the exact sequence of things I do the moment I hit the ground.  Hilariously, my friends and family who know me well don't even need to ask what I am going to do in Dallas because those three are always apart of it!

PHOTO:  One of the awesome earrings I bought at Sam Moon Trading Co (c) Sery Kim 

PHOTO:  Another of the awesome earrings I bought yesterday (c) Sery Kim


This year, for the first time ever, I actually went beyond buying a carrot cake cupcake at Bird Bakery and purchased a slightly larger confection.  Apparently Bird Bakery makes, what they refer to as a "smash cake," which is the topper to wedding cakes so couples can take a slide and mush it all over the face of their new spouse!!  Personally, I would NEVER do that to my spouse -- and if my new husband did that to me after I carefully spent a lot of time and money on hair and make-up, I would be PISSED!  ;-)


Either way, the cake allegedly feeds only 1-2 people and costs $23 flat.  We sliced into it last night and I can tell you this cake easily feeds 6-8 grown adults.  The icing is so dense and porous and super sweet, there is no one for any adult to manage the icing -- and I am telling you this as a person who can eat a MONSTROUS amount of sweets.  As for the carrot cake itself, I found it actually under-cooked (shocking to me) and the fruit was cut large.  Hmmm ... not sure how I feel about that, but I know today my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are going to take me out for even more cake (I definitely celebrate 7 days of birthday, as is the "Korean Tradition known to Sery Kim") so will keep you posted on that!

PHOTO:  Jackson Parker and I blowing out my birthday candle (c) Sery Kim


Either way, I had a tremendous birthday with my family and look forward to another 365 days on this earth!



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