Continental Breakfast at The Clifton Inn


PHOTO:  Yogurt Parfait with a side of baked goods (c) Sery Kim


I've had the most charming time at the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville and, after several evenings of fantastic cocktails and plenty of good food, on my last day I finally made it to one of their complimentary continental breakfasts.  I'm sincerely glad to have attempted it once because The Clifton Inn grows their own fruits, which is a wonderful treat, and all tasted fresh.  In particular, when combining the fresh fruit with the locally made granola, the entire meal felt super healthy.

PHOTO:  Scrambled eggs, apple smoked bacon and fingerling potatoes (c) Sery Kim


Because I am me, which is I am never one to just order a singular dish, I also added some hearty protein and carbs.  Nothing fancy, though I will note the Chef at the Clifton Inn is prone to have a heavy hand with lettuce as a garnish so I didn't particularly like the look of it.  Otherwise, breakfast was as lovely as the rest of the stay.  The decor in particular, in the alcove/nook area, is gorgeous.  I seriously want to design my home to look just like this!

PHOTO:  One of the lush, cozy nooks at the Clifton Inn (c) Sery Kim


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