Fun with Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley!


PHOTO:  Me with Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley at Le Chamois in Squaw Valley (c) Sery Kim


I don't remember how old I was when I became cognizant of winter sports, but I do remember with clarity how much I enjoyed watching the Winter Olympic Games growing up.  My family wasn't big into letting the children watch television so we only turned it on during the Olympic Games, which my parents loved.  (Instead, our time was spent studying or with my parents out at whatever minimum wage job they were working as immigrants to this country.)  So you can imagine how much my developmental memory of fame focused around athletes (and maybe why I went to law school to become a sports agent), and thus how nice it was for me to meet an Olympic Gold Medalist last night.


Jonny Moseley, for those who aren't huge sports fan, won the 1998 Olympic Gold Medal in Moguls and, in a lot of ways, fundamentally changed how skiers approached the sport.  His daring do and his mentally on extreme skiing will actually be published in my first story for travel magazine Far & Wide this month.  And, while I do dearly love skiing, I will say a huge draw for me in coming to Squaw was meeting Jonny in person (I interviewed him over the phone for the aforementioned story), as well as being given the chance to ski with him on Squaw Mountain.

PHOTO:  Jonny's gift of delicious Wildflower Cafe cookies (c) Sery Kim


Jonny actually ended up hanging out with everyone beyond drinks last night.  He joined us for a super fun dinner at a very popular restaurant in Squaw Valley called Pumpjack -- it also is a hotel.  They have this marvelous Martini, and I had two so I would know how good they are, ha!  Then we hustled over to the Dubliner for more drinks as well as karaoke.  Jonny is a fabulous karaoke talent, in case you wanted to know, and I will say an excellent wingman in all things.  Just so nice and humble and really really fun!  


In fact, he told me last night, Squaw offers a program where anyone can ski with him FREE OF CHARGE.  The resort announces on social media when and where they can meet him to ski and voila!  You also can spend some time hanging out with him.  Super cool.  Be sure to follow Jonny on social media, as well as Squaw, so you too can spend some time with the nicest Olympic Gold Medalist you will ever meet!



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