Friday is "Happy National Margarita Day!"


PHOTO:  La Buena Vida at Mi Vida Restaurant (c) Sery Kim


This Friday, aka tomorrow, is "National Margarita Day."  Now I am not one to really celebrate these food-based holidays like "National Pizza Day" or "National Ice Cream Day," mostly because every day for me is a celebration of food, ha!  But as a Texan and lover of margaritas "National Margarita Day" seems to be a cause truly worth celebrating,


While back home in Texas, finding a good margarita is like finding a gas station (aka E-A-S-Y!!!), in D.C. I've found it's pretty hard to find a decent margarita.  Most drinks are too liquidity, too sweet, not enough salt on the rim, too much mixer ... I mean I could literally go on-and-on about how many bad margaritas I've had in this city.  However, there are a few destinations worth visiting.


1.  Mi Vida -- If you haven't yet been to The Wharf in D.C., then tomorrow is your day to go.  Mi Vida is both visually gorgeous as well as delicious.  Their La Buena Vida margarita is their classic margarita and it's made with a surprise ingredient:  orange juice!  You can find happy hour specials here ( Monday - Friday 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm).  WARNING:  The place is always crazy crazy CRAZY packed.  Ask for Nathan at the bar.  He's the best!


2.  El Paso Cafe -- This is my absolute go-to restaurant in D.C. for all things Mexican food.  El Paso Cafe also just happens to be the spot where former President George W. Bush would go to get his Mexican food fix.  Every margarita is delicious but I really like their Juarez Margarita.  During happy hour (Monday - Friday 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm), you can get the Juarez Margarita for $6.00.  Also, word to the wise, if you need some substance to soak up the alcohol, I always order the Chile con Queso as well as the Steak Fajitas.  BEST.  FAJITAS.  IN.  DC!


3.  Guajillo -- Tiny, quaint and solidly delicious, Guajillo is a small Mexican restaurant in Clarendon.  They have a truly fabulous Skinny Margarita with awesome chips, salsa and guacamole to wash it down.  I also like their Chicken Chimichaga.  

PHOTO:   Enjoying myself with Drink Company (c) Sery Kim


But if you just want to do a sampler of all kinds of margaritas, and drinks with elements of what makes a perfect margarita, then the perfect place to go is Columbia Room.  I love every drink I have there, ALWAYS, and so if you can get a reservation then be sure to go to my favorite cocktail bar in D.C. and enjoy your National Margarita Day!


Happy drinking!







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