Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos: Day One


PHOTO:  Sunday morning at my Gansevoort Villa pool (c) Sery Kim


I went to bed Saturday night after a scrumptious dinner hosted by the Gansevoort Turks + Caicos corporate team and woke up to the view above.  The weather Sunday could not have been better, absolutely magnificent, and I don't think I did much more than lay out in the 79 degree sun, as well as drink and eat a gluttonous amount.

PHOTO:  The best beet salad I've ever had (c) Sery Kim


Gansevoort Villa's describes the lifestyle at their resort as "Caribbean Chic with Refined Finishing," but I think The Agency could just as easily have encapsulated this entire experience as "Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos, an Oasis of Calm."  Everything from time to emotions feels very chill:  as breezy as the wind blowing gently through the double-walled sliding doors of the living room. 


For those who don't watch BRAVO TV (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles) The Agency are the real estate brokers and, once the villas are purchased, Coast Architects works with the buyers -- my villa is being sold at $5.5 million -- to personalize the space beyond the 8,260 square feet (5,215 square feet under roof and another 3,655 internal square feet).  Exterior remains uniformly "chic" with the locally cut Caicos stone walls -- and most do chose the private courtyard with covered lounge and pool, the oceanfront infinity edge pool, as well as various tech amenities. 


The main difference between the villas seems to be whether to have four or five bedrooms.  Tough choices!

PHOTO:  A beautiful cocktail made by Paolo, the head bartender at Gansevoort Turks + Caicos, in my villa (c) Sery Kim


Since I didn't do much on Sunday other than wind-down from my stressful D.C. life, the other highlight of my first full day at the Gansevoort Villas was the food and drink program.  Back home, I eat either terribly or not at all.  Super not healthy!!  So when I came to Turks and Caicos, on Saturday night, I ate so much food at the welcome dinner -- the Beet Salad was the best, most artful beet salad I have ever had, with a whipped ricotta base so creamy it would put any Greek yogurt to shame -- I couldn't manage to eat any breakfast Sunday morning.  BINGE EATING!!!


Rather than eat breakfast (I still haven't eaten breakfast 48 hours later), I laid out by the pool and enjoyed some the fresh Lavazza coffee made at the villa.  But if you want to eat breakfast, the hotel has a complementary shuttle to take you to the complementary continental breakfast.  Or you can have the villa concierge bring you breakfast for $35.  

PHOTO:  Chicken Spring Rolls and Conche Salad at lunch (c) Sery Kim


For lunch, the Villa Concierge Eugenia (who is every form of fabulosity!!!) arranged for a shuttle to the main hotel and I had lunch at the beach-facing restaurant Zest.  Back in D.C., I typically just have either lemon baked salmon or a basic salad for lunch so it was a true extravagance for me to have Chicken Spring Rolls to start as well as both Lobster and Black Bean Tacos, Fish Tacos and Sweet Potato Fries for my main course.

PHOTO:  Lobster and Black Bean Tacos (back), Fish Tacos (foreground) (c) Sery Kim


Everything tasted fresh and healthy, even the fried Chicken Spring Rolls.  Of course, since I was on a beach, I had to get a fun slushie drink.  The special cocktail of the day was the Watermelon Vodka Slushie and it was so delightful I had two! 

PHOTO:  Watermelon Vodka Slushie (c) Sery Kim


Then, for dinner, Lily (aka the best villa chef ever) made me a special sushi dinner.  Gansevoort Villas offers you the option to have a private chef for all three meals a day, at a cost of $1025, but for just one meal it is $135 (or the average cost of eating out in Washington, D.C.).  When you check in, you are given the full menu options.  Everything from BBQ -- there is a grill out on the villa patio, naturally -- to Caribbean are options.  I chose sushi because I was just craving something lighter and fresher.  Lily made a great variety of sushi, plus she also made me an equally fun dessert:  a Biscoff ice cream to die for!  

PHOTO:  My platter of three different sushis (c) Sery Kim


If none of these options sounds appetizing, the kitchens in the villa are full service so you can buy your own groceries and make dinner yourself, but honestly why bother when the kitchen at Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos is so spectacular!!  Great first full day ... one more day to go before back to frosty, 20-degree Washington, D.C.! 







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