Valentine's Day D.C. Dining Idea: RPM Italian


Valentine's Day is officially less than a month away, and now is the real time to start making reservations.  For me, personally, I'd rather spend Valentine's Day at home with my boyfriend making dinner (flowers, chocolate and jewelry are mandatory, naturally, haha!), but if going out is more your style I am going to start posting some D.C. restaurants I am really interested in checking out.  


First up is RPM Italian.  Opened by Bill and Guiliana Rancic in D.C. -- but originating in Chicago -- RPM Italian is literally the only Italian restaurant I haven't eaten at in Washington, D.C.  I hear amazing things about the restaurant so I will dining this week and will be sure to report back.

I am particularly interested in checking out their Cocktail Menu, as well as their Dessert Menu.  The videos of the Torta Meringata, the signature salted caramel and vanilla gelato cake flambeed table-side, look phenomenal so I will definitely be ordering that.  

Also, it's not possible to go to an Italian restaurant and not order plenty of pasta.  RPM Italian has a decent list so I'll try a few of those, as well as a meat dish.  RPM Italian's sister restaurant is a steakhouse so, hopefully, the team has a great cut to their meat!

Be sure to tune into the blog next week for a full review -- and hopefully I will have some phenomenal photos of my table looking like the one photographed above!



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