My newest ABC Let's Talk Live segment


PHOTO:  Screenshot on set live today at ABC (c) Sery Kim


Today I had another wonderful opportunity to be live, on-air with ABC's popular morning show Let's Talk Live.  Be sure to watch the link online as I discuss the best beach destinations to go to this winter here:

PHOTO:  Another screenshot of me (c) Sery Kim


I got a lot of compliments about my dress.  The dress is from Topshop, purchased this Christmas on clearance at the Tyson Corner Nordstrom's.  Bargain-basement reduction from $100 down to $33.  I know!  Such a fabulous deal!  I got the earrings, also from this Christmas, at my favorite jewelry store in my hometown of Plano, Texas:  Sam Moon.  Cost was $6.99.


Don't hate me.  ;-)

PHOTO:  Super close up of my fabulous earrings (c) Sery Kim


I hope you all will continue your tremendous support of my food-and-travel blog and watch out for other segments this year!  2019 is going to be the best year yet!!!

PHOTO:  Another out-take from this morning's segment, both in the photo above as well as below (c) Sery Kim



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