Of Christmas Cards, merry MERRY!


PHOTO:  My 2018 Christmas card (c) Sery Kim


On any time of the year, I absolutely adore getting traditional mail.  There's just something so nice about coming home from a long workday to words handwritten in today's electronic age.  I am also a huge believer in hand-written thank-you notes, as well as regular pick-me-up stationary for pretty much any life event:  birthday, anniversaries, engagements, baby announcements, new jobs ... if I can send a card for it, you'll get a notice from me!  


But at Christmas time the cards are extra special.  I love the new tradition of sending out photo Christmas cards and I have a huge refrigerator where nearly every inch of space is covered by Christmas cards from the previous year, including an inordinate amount of photos of my amazingly photogenic nephew Jackson Parker.  I loved getting their Christmas card right before I head home to Plano for the Christmas break this morning!

PHOTO:  My ridiculously adorable nephew Jackson!  Oh.  And his parents.  Their 2018 Christmas card (c) Sery Kim


If you haven't send out any holiday cards yet and are looking for an easy way to send out Christmas cards, then try Minted (DISCLAIMER:  My sister-in-law used Shutterfly's Tinyprints for their card pictured above).  Minted actually address the envelopes, taking a huge chunk out of any time investment.  They also offered pre-paid postage stamps which, as I stood in line at the post office for almost an hour to buy stamps (due to the automated check-out kiosk being broken), I regret also not taking up!


Either way, thank you to all for your continued support and love of my food-and-travel blog this past year.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas!  It's been a wonderful 2018 and hope your 2019 will be even more bright and MERRY!!   


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