Thank you Mervis Diamond!!


PHOTO:  Me with Ronnie Mervis of Mervis Diamonds on the ABC Let's Talk Live set today (c) Sery Kim


Today, I had a blast (I always have a blast) being on with ABC's Let's Talk Live!  In a unique -- and first ever -- twist, I was asked to stay on for the next segment with Mervis Diamonds by none other than Ronnie Mervis, the owner.  Mervis Diamonds is a HUGE HUGE HUGE name in the D.C. market and, I think, around the world.  I actually told Ronnie, "I recognize your voice from radio!," which he loved.  So much so, in fact, he "gave" me this $50,000 engagement ring!


SURPRISE!!!  I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!  Only kidding!


The ring was/is beyond gorgeous.  Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to fall-in-love with a great guy and be given such a stunning ring!  Maybe Ronnie will not only match-make me but give me this ring forever, haha!  In the meantime, Mervis Diamond is having a huge sale this weekend and you should check it out!  Find out more info here:

PHOTO:  Lovely close-up of "my" ring on Insta-stories (c) Sery Kim



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