Thank you Fiola Mare DC for a most colorful meal!


PHOTO:  Fiola Mare DC's foie gras (c) Sery Kim


Last night, my friend and I braved the rain currently invading Washington, D.C. to dine at everyone's favorite Georgetown establishment Fiola Mare DC.  Other than for a wedding, the last time I had been to Fiola Mare was when it first opened years ago.  My memories of the food are quite faint, however, I (like so many others) have read the accolades the restaurant had been showered with -- though why it was left off the Michelin Guide this year made me wonder what happened.


Either way, the lack of inclusion was not the reason for me dining.  The owners Fabio and Maria invited me in so I could check out some of their most colorful dishes for my print story for DC Modern Luxury.  Very fun!  My friend and I were given so many bright dishes, my camera had a hard time capturing all of the vividness.  I will say though the Foie Gras above and the chocolate dessert below were my two favorite plates, combing both flavor and color.   

PHOTO:  Chocolate dessert at Fiola Mare (c) Sery Kim


Be sure to pick up the print edition of DC Modern Luxury to read all of my thoughts!





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