Design-centric The Line Hotel DC


PHOTO:  Bathroom selfie at The Line Hotel DC (c) Sery Kim


Last night after my FOX 5 DC segment, I went with The Line Hotel DC's Pastry Chef Pichet Ong to The Line Hotel for some pre-dinner drinks.  I've never really actually looked around the hotel very closely but I must say the bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!  The red wall paper makes a truly bright pop to the gold and marble detailing.  My friend Katie Chang wrote a great article about the hotel for Forbes.  You can read more about the hotel here:  Personally, I have to find out who makes this mirror and wall-paper so I can get one -- also how skinny do I look in this mirror?!  I know I have lost 15 pounds this summer but still ... GREAT MIRROR, ha!  ;-)

PHOTO:  Todd, me, Jason and Pichet at The Line Hotel DC (c) Sery Kim


Pichet, his boyfriend Jason and I ran into Todd Thrasher, the man who owns PX and Eamonn's, which would make sense since he is consulting for the hotel's bar program.  Todd made us some gorgeous Old Fashioned's and he also recommended this rum to me.  Made in St. Maartens, this bottle of rum is $300 (without import fees) so I definitely poured myself a generous portion.  This rum was particularly tasty and left me feeling warm/tingly all-over, haha.

PHOTO:  Neisson Rhum (c) Sery Kim


I hope to make it back to the hotel soon to really taste the food and drinks -- so far all I've had is the Avocado Salad (yum!) and Pichet's cakes.  When I do I will make sure to report back!




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