Happy National Ice Cream Day!


PHOTO:  My container of Ice Cream Jubilee (c) Sery Kim


For the time since my obsession with Ice Cream Jubilee began, I went to the location in Navy Yard during the post-lunch afternoon ... on a Saturday.  Typically, on Saturday's, I am off traveling or working, never lounging leisurely in my neighborhood with (what feels like) half of Washington, D.C.  Today, especially, there was a ton of activity!  First Street SE is partly shut-down due to crane work.  There is also a 4:30 pm Nationals baseball game.  The combination of these two must have been the reason why Ice Cream Jubilee had more than 75 people in line.  I've truly never seen it so busy!


What these sad people waiting in line don't realize is there are daily packed quart containers of Ice Cream Jubilee's best flavors, which you can buy for $8.95.  Of course, I am no amateur so I briskly cut my way through the crowd, pulled a container out and was checked out before anyone else in line.  Am I smooth or what?!  ;-)  


Hope y'all also get a chance to enjoy ice cream today on National Ice Cream Day!  Last day of summer too!!






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