My favorite place to shop: Goodwill



PHOTO:  My new genuine leather Club Chair (c) Sery Kim


Yesterday I had one of my most successful Goodwill shoppings days ... YES.  Goodwill!!  My friends -- and other acquaintances -- are always super surprised when they find out I buy several items at Goodwill because the quality of the items I find are always spectacular.  I think it has less to do with my shopping sleuthing skills than the bifurcated fact I (1) go to Goodwill regularly, at least twice a month, and (2) the Goodwill I go to is the number one Goodwill in the entire U.S.A. by both volume of donations as well as sales.  Thus, it's hard to not find something great!


Typically, I go to Goodwill after church on Sundays with my DC family to find some books and maybe a new dress, but I decided to go to Goodwill on a whim on this Saturday.  Lucky for me, I just happened to come across this spectacular, genuine leather (!!!!), Club Chair made in North Carolina.  The set of four was dropped off literally the moment I walked up the sidewalk so I got to see four of these chairs get donated.  I set two aside for myself, both of which were total $99.99 (the set of four was $149.99).  Hindsight being 20/20 I should have just bought those four Club Chairs, even though I didn't have room for them, simply because I have been overwhelmed by the social media response from how GORGEOUS and STUNNING this chair is.  Ultimately, I just got one for $49.99 and it looks perfect in my house.

PHOTO:  My newest stack of reading material (c) Sery Kim


I also got a huge stack of books, as I typically do.  It is just cheaper for me to buy books at Goodwill for $2.59 (large paperback) than it is for me to check them out of the public library because I tend to turn the books in late -- yes, I still check books out of the public library!  Books don't usually last me very long, but I do believe this pile should get me through the rest of the summer since they are thick paperbacks.

PHOTO (c) Sery Kim


My final Goodwill steal was this genuine Coach purse for $34.99!  This large carry-all typically goes for around $500.00 so I know I did well.  It fits my laptop and notepad easily so I'm very happy about this one!  I also got two dresses (dresses are sold at Goodwill for $8.99) so all-in-all a really perfect day of Goodwill shopping!  Be sure to check out Goodwill yourself.

PHOTO (c) Sery Kim




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