Marvelous Masseria: Believe the Hype!


PHOTO:  "BREAD SERVICE" House made Focaccia. Tomato Fonduta


After a ragingly delicious dinner Thursday night at KINSHIP, Friday night I was lucky enough to head over to Masseria in D.C.'s blossoming Union Market neighborhood.  I actually didn't consider myself to be "lucky" until after the four-hour, 8/9/10 course meal literally flew by in a flurry of carb-loaded, delicious Italian treats!  I'm telling you ... the only way to dine is with a New York Times food critic!

We posted up at the bar just to have a little bit of beverages before sitting down to dinner.  You can actually have a full meal service at the bar, as well as your own bar menu -- see here:

We got really lucky with some $50 Negroni cocktails -- I am telling you, you must have at least one of these! 

Then we got down to the real business of dinner.  I have to say I am not much of a "bread basket" before dinner kind of person but that "BREAD SERVICE" House made Focaccia. Tomato Fonduta is truly fantastic.  Each piece of bread melted in my mouth like cheesecake.  We didn't order anything before everything came out -- my head is still spinning from all the food!

PHOTO:  TARTARE Chapel Hill Farm Veal Tartar. Castelfranco Radicchio. Anchovy. Chili. Parmigiano


For those who dine at Masseria on-the-regular, you can order 4 courses at $92 per person, 5 courses at $108 per person and also the La Cucina Menu, a 6 course tasting menu, created for each guest at $135 per person.  I seriously recommend the full 6 course tasting menu.

PHOTO:  *BURRATA Burrata Pugliese. Beluga Caviar. Olde Salt Oyster. Cipollini Onion. (*$30 Supplement)


After the bread service, we got into the second course (bread and cocktails being the first course), aka the business of caviar.  Mmmmmm!  As all know, I absolutely adore caviar.  The tartare was fabulously light and supremely flavorful while the burrata was refreshing and more filling.  I could have eaten both of them myself and can't wait to go back to try the dishes again.

PHOTO:  *RISOTTO Aquarello Risotto. Black Truffle. English Pea. Parmigiano. (*$60 Supplement)


Next up (course #3) was the *RISOTTO Aquarello Risotto. Black Truffle. English Pea. Parmigiano. (*$60 Supplement).  Very flavorful and equally delicious but the LINGUINE Linguini. Masseria Spicy XO Sauce. “Aglio. Olio. Pepperoncino. Bread Crumb. completely rocked my tastebuds.  ROCKED.  I couldn't get enough of the sweet-and-punchy flavoring to the beautiful linguine. 

PHOTO:  LINGUINE Linguini. Masseria Spicy XO Sauce. “Aglio. Olio. Pepperoncino


This one is an absolutely must-order!!!

Then we got to course #4, my favorite, the Foie Gras.  Incredibly sweet and flavorful with even more bread!  

 Fifth course was a slew of pastas, all equally beautiful and delicious.  Notice the gorgeous plating!  I need some!

RAVIOLI Ravioli. Ricotta. Lamb Pancetta. Red Onion. Tomato. Chili. Pecorino.


Sixth course was pasta, pasta and more pasta!  People really love the Gnocchi above but I found this ravioli dish to make my mouth-water now even looking at it!  RAVIOLI Ravioli. Ricotta. Lamb Pancetta. Red Onion. Tomato. Chili. Pecorino.

Seventh course -- and by this point I am seriously stuffed since every fresh course came with a new pairing of wine -- we had several meatier options.

PHOTO:  CANDELLE Candelle. King Crab. Tomato. Basil. “Bottarga.”


Each taste of the fried king crab was flawless -- and I did not make it through the eighth course of meats very well at all.

PHOTO:  BUE 45 Day Dry-Aged Ancient White Park Beef. Tendon. Sunchoke. Escarole. Cheese Fonduta. Red Wine


What is there even to say about how beautiful this dish was.  I ate as much as I could before I succumbed to the power of Apertifs and desserts -- holding back what little space was left in my stomach for the finishers.

I tossed back this $250 a glass pour of Amaro like it was water.  Truly magnificent.

Then came the desserts, all equally beautiful and worth-while.  I just want to eat them all AGAIN while staring at the photo.

I did really like the freshness of this dessert:  AGRUMI Winter Citrus. Blood Orange Confit. Pasta Frolla. Coconut Yuzu Curd. Prickly Pear Sorbet.

However, since I am a chocolate fanatic, this one bowled me over:  TORTA AL CIOCCOLATO Baked Chocolate Mousse. Mascarpone Cream. Tiramisu Gelato.

 Also delightful was this one:  RABARBARO Poached Rhubarb. Candied Citron. Lemon Olive Oil Chiffon. Strawberry Gelato.


All-in-all, an epic night never to forget.  Can't wait to head back!








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