Tasting Room Menu at Columbia Room


With Columbia Room, the inestimable Derek Brown has had, for several years, one of the best bars not just in Washington, D.C. but in the country.  Friday night, I had a chance to try the Five Course "Tasting Room Menu" at Columbia Room and the cocktails/experience fully lived up to the hype.  The photo above is of the "bites" accompanying the magnificent cocktails Derek and his tremendous team craft.  The two orange florals are "Sea Buckthorn and blood orange," in a edible and more elegant version of a hardened fruit roll-up.  Eat it alone or with the accompanying cocktail "What Should Be" made with siembra azul blanco, blanco vermouth, dry curaçao, fig leaf cordial, anise hyssop.


The five course menu is below and here:  http://columbiaroomdc.com/tasting-room/.  Menu changes by the season and is $115 for the five course menu, $85 for the three course.



Scotch n. | \’skäch\

a. often not capitalized: whisky distilled in Scotland especially from malted barley - called also Scotch whisky

b. vodka, oloroso, muir brose, buckwheat honey, coconut, cider, fruit liqueur (NO PHOTO, SORRY!)


cultured butter, citrus powder (PHOTO ABOVE)



Spirit-Free Lion’s Tail
seedlip spice 94, lime, maple, aquafaba (PHOTO ABOVE)




rum, cachaça, madeira, white vermouth, autumn squash, cane sugar, lemon, balsam, milk (NO PHOTO, SORRY!)


benton’s bacon, parmesan, roasted corn, tapioca (PHOTO ABOVE)



Caffé Corretto Columbia

brandy de jerez, coffee, golden beet grenadine, licorice root, verbena, spicebush (PHOTO ABOVE)


 This fifth course was probably my favorite in both the cocktail and "bites" pairing.  I really loved these uncooked cookie.


A very close-up of the tasty uncooked cookie dough.


And I joked I was going to steal these gorgeous porcelain mugs, with a delicate gold handle, but I ultimately didn't (you can see in the right foreground the drink for the Fourth Course).  If you have ever been to any of Derek Brown's pop-ups at the POP-UP PUB -- Cherry Blossom, Christmas, Game of Thrones -- then you know what I am talking about except, unlike the POP-UP BAR, Columbia Room does not take and keep your credit card in exchange for a cocktail.  



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