Dinner with Francis Mallmann in Uruguay


For the past 48 hours, I have been binge-ing through an extraordinary selection of meals and wine curated by one of the best places I have ever been on earth:  Bodega Garzon here in Uruguay.  It is a sensory utopia where, from the moment, you step on the land owned/dreamed by Alejandro Bulgerhoni, all you absorb is perfection -- a hugely broad yet well deserved adjective.

While I will have a full recap of the trip when I return home today, in the meantime, our dinner with Chef Francis Mallmann last night at his hotel in Garzon, Uruguay truly stands out.  You may remember him from his Season One, Episode Three of Netflix's acclaimed Chef's Table:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ8Htm4jAGc.  He is more than advertised, truly a wonderful soul, and I was so blessed to sit next to him during dinner and we chatted about life, love and everything in-between. 

While the company was blissful, I was cruising through the delectable cocktails at a fast-pace.  I loved the margaritas on premises, as well as the Manhattan Pedro made, but it is the visual of being on the property and having dinner underneath this beautiful palm tree anchoring Francis' hotel which crafted a night not to forget. 

Plus, how I forget the wildly succulent meal crafted by Francis who, literally, flew in from Argentina a few hours before dinner to make dinner and then flew out an hour later to go to Art Basel in Miami.  Wow.  What a dream final night here in Uruguay!




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