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Preview of the MGM National Harbor's new "Master Mixologist Training Program"

PHOTO: A tremendous sampler of cocktails and snacks from the Lobby Bar at MGM National Harbor (c) Sery Kim

While out on assignment for The Telegraph Travel, I have been really relishing my time here at the MGM National Harbor. Despite having lived in-and-around Washington, D.C. (on-and-off) since 2006, I have only been to Maryland 7 or 8 times. Three of those times were to buy a new car and have it serviced; the other was when I had my things in storage at a friend's house during the 2008 presidential campaign; and once to ride the ferris wheel when the National Harbor opened last summer. Otherwise, I have avoided Maryland because, quite frankly, everything I need as a young professional is in Washington, D.C. proper.

It wasn't until I was being paid to go to Maryland I actually made the trek over and I have to say I am beyond pleasantly surprised by the food-and-beverage program MGM National Harbor has to offer!

PHOTO: A fantastic Moscow Mule at the Lobby Bar (c) Sery Kim

Last night I enjoyed the gracious hospitality of the Lobby Bar at MGM National Harbor. In 3-4 weeks, they will be launching their first ever "Master Mixologist Training Program." Basically, for a set fee (yet to be determined but likely $95), guests can learn the art of the craft of cocktails. Everything from the history of the cocktail to techniques of the trade to the terminology used to sound like an expert is covered, as is naturally the actual making of several cocktails.

PHOTO: A closeup of the Remy Martin Sidecar at the Lobby Bar (c) Sery Kim

As apart of the preview, the wonderfully charming and helpful staff at the Lobby Bar proceeded to make each of the cocktails they will be teaching students in October of this year. I started with the Moscow Mule because the corporate team said it was one of their favorite drinks. After trying it, I have to agree it is pretty stellar -- and the presentation is equally delightful.

Another great drink was the Sidecar in the photo above. The Lobby Bar team actually brought out a slew of food including Caviar, which I seriously am obsessed with. They took this super funny photo of me below with all the food plating as well as the Moscow Mule. Too funny!!

PHOTO: Me with all the food and my Moscow Mule at Lobby Bar (c) Sery Kim

In all seriousness though, currently the Lobby Bar does not offer food and the desire is to translate clients leaving for the restaurants for bites to stay upstairs at the Lobby Bar. Also, with its super prime location right next to the Theatre at MGM National Harbor -- CHER will be there next week!!! YAY!!! -- anyone keen to make money can see how easy it is create synergy with some cocktails and bites.

Currently, the food menu at the Lobby Bar will cover easy to make items such as tea sandwiches, crudites and hummus, charcuterie, cheese and caviar.

PHOTO: MGM has it's own Macallan (c) Sery Kim

Other great cocktail drinks to try are the Aviation (Plymouth Gin and Creme de Violette make it super social media worthy) and the refreshing Hemingway Daiquiri. Both are excellent starters to wet your tastebuds before moving to stronger (Manhattan) and sweeter (Moscow Mule) items.

PHOTO: An extreme close-up of the Aviation, aka a blurry iphone photo (c) Sery Kim

Overall, it was a real treat to enjoy a sampling of these cocktails and food at the Lobby Bar. With three bartenders, plus the Head of the Beverage Program, as well as five cocktails and six plates of snacks, I certainly had all the attention! Super fun. Plus, Whitley (female bartender) was nice enough to actually walk down the five cocktails to my dinner at the Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse. We could not have gotten more attention if Sarah Jessica Parker (she was actually on property yesterday at her shoe store inside MGM National Harbor) were walking with us!

Be sure to stop by for the class or stop by anytime for any of these great cocktails, all of which are currently available on the menu!


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