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Thank you Omni Shoreham for the Beatles Suite!

PHOTO: The Beatles Suite at Omni Shoreham DC (c) Sery Kim

I had the most relaxing experience staying at the Omni Shoreham DC and, lucky me, I was surprisingly upgraded to the Beatles Suite! What fun! This was the exact suite the Beatles stayed in when they played a concert at the hotel more than 40 years ago. As expected, the suite is decorated with symbolic reminders of Beatles fame.

PHOTO: Framed Beatle records (c) Sery Kim

The Beatles suite is a sprawling space including a massive kitchen, not one but two sitting areas, a fireplace, a dining room which could comfortably seat twelve, a bedroom equal to the sitting areas, a balcony, several closets and of course a large bathroom.

PHOTO: The Beatles Suite at the Omni Shoreham DC (c) Sery Kim

One of the coolest features of the Beatles Suite was actually my welcome amenity. The stacked cube on the left hand side is actually made from various melons and cheese. Fantastically tasty! I also received a water bottle sampler, the first time I have ever received one of those. I must say I really liked it.

PHOTO: Welcome treats (c) Sery Kim

As for the hotel itself, the hotel feels dated and old yet it's not as if it is falling apart. It just isn't modern with more of a grande dame hotel feel to it. Honestly, I would just stay for the super-friendly staff. You would think it would go without saying that a a luxury hotel has friendly staff but this is not always the case. I've definitely stayed at very expensive, ultra-luxury hotels where no one greets you. At the Omni Shoreham the team goes out-of-their way to make you feel at home and I have to think this is probably why so many girls choose to have their weddings here -- there was actually a wedding during my time at the hotel. When staff make you feel good, then you can be confident on your Big Day everything will go smoothly as well.

PHOTO: The grounds ready for yet another wedding at the hotel (c) Sery Kim

There is also a slew of amenities and facilities on-site including five different places to eat. I checked out the veranda of Robert's Restaurant for a healthy lunch (see photo below), as well as the bar for a quick happy hour. Both options were really nice! Overall a great deal as it was only $200 a night to stay when I checked in!

PHOTO: Healthy lunch at Robert's Restaurant

PHOTO: Happy hour at the Omni Shoreham DC plus a gift of roses from a friend (c) Sery Kim

Thanks Omni Shoreham DC for a lovely time!!

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