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Thank you The Darcy Washington DC!

PHOTO: Lobby to SIREN by Robert Weidmeier at The Darcy Washington DC (c) Sery Kim

I have been bingeing through Washington, D.C. hotels in order to complete my reviews for The Telegraph and one of the most surprising hotels I have stayed at thus far was the former Embassy Suites, now one of the 35 Curio Collection by Hilton known as The Darcy Washington DC. Unlike some of the older hotels in the general area, with their opening earlier this summer, The Darcy Washington DC's full scale renovation/redesign/rebranding means visitors to the area get a lovely and fully renovated space -- at a bargain basement rate of $225 the night I checked in.

Since I am such a visual person, I loved the interior design as well as the general lay-out of the hotel. First, I was highly impressed by the abundance of outlet chargers in the hotel rooms. Because I work on the road, everywhere I go is a "work station" so I am always on the hunt for outlets to plug my many devices: laptop, phone, battery charger, curling iron, hair rollers, etc. Usually what I find into many of the hotel rooms I stay at are approximately four sets of outlets, two of which are hidden behind furniture, so it is quite hard for me to plug all the devices I need to plug. It is not unusual to find me with my curling iron and curlers plugged into the area where the coffee machine is, my phone charging in the bathroom with my hair dryer, and then everything else somewhere on the ground near the bed.

Not ideal.

At The Darcy Washington DC this is not a problem. For instance, this arresting lamp on the desk in my Junior Suite had two electrical outlets plus two USB outlets. Then, below the lamp, where the electricity for the lamp was being provided, there also were another four electrical outlets. Clearly Curio Collection by Hilton was fully prepared for the modern traveler!

PHOTO: Lamp in my Junior Suite at The Darcy Washington DC (c) Sery Kim

Second, in addition to the lamp and electrical outlets, the best feature of my suite was the well designed bathroom. The moment you walk into the bathroom, the clean lines and gorgeous sink space really help frame the beautiful tile work in the bathroom. The shower space could comfortably fit four grown adults (not that I tried but merely approximated); the two shower heads were functional at the same time; the heat of the water was so strong I couldn't withstand the heat (and there is nothing I love more than a scaldingly hot shower); and the area where I could hold my extra toiletries were conveniently located at waist height. I am so enamored of the shower design, I am truly committed to renovating my condo with this same design.

PHOTO: The shower in my Junior Suite (c) Sery Kim

For the value, I don't think you can beat the design. The major issue is I could very clearly hear the people above me stomping around. In older building, especially those with wood floors, the movement is not ideal, but the trade-off is the floor-to-ceiling window doors open so there is plenty of fresh crisp air. In this instance, I would rather take the fresh air since the people walking upstairs kept normal human hours.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay and look forward to returning some other time. Be sure to lookout for my review in The Telegraph for the full review!

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