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Regent Seven Seas Voyager: sunsets and exercise

PHOTO: Watching the sunset on the 11th floor of the Seven Seas Voyager (c) Sery Kim

Considering I never grew up cruising, I am really taken to it like a duck to water. I absolutely love cruising.

This is my fourth cruise: Seabourn, Uniworld and Windstar being the other three. With each cruise, I learn something different about myself but I also learn some of the same things. One of the biggest differences I find changed about my cruising past is my sincere wish to spend more time onboard the ship(s) rather than out on land. This is a huge difference than on my first cruise with Seabourn when I went to Antarctica and Patagonia. Even though the Seabourn Quest was absolutely immaculate -- I can't wait to brag to people I went on the cruise because, for cruisers, it is the HOLY GRAIL -- I still couldn't wait to get onto the last, great continent of Antarctica.

Even with Uniworld, I was also quite eager to explore France but, int he Uniworld case, even though the rooms were nicely designed, they were so small as to be beyond claustrophobic. Then, this past May with Windstar, I really relished wanting to spend more time on the boat.

I should be clear this is no reflection on Windstar or Regent. My Windstar Cruise was beautiful in every way. I still talk to numerous people I met on the Windsurf, and while on my current cruise I remember fondly our Windsurf late night excursions when we all would sit on the back deck until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. With the Regent Cruise, I can barely stand to be more than four hours away from the ship before I am longing to get back on. My suite is quite high-living, with a heavenly bed. So delightful is my night's rest, I emailed the Regent Seven Seas publicist asking who made the bed. Wouldn't you know ... so many previous guests had already inquired about purchasing the bed they actually have a brochure they hand out to every guest. Private label Italian:

PHOTO: I can't miss another opportunity to show a photo of my opulent suite onboard Regent Seven Seas Voyager (c) Sery Kim

Plus the food and beverage program is quite good so, my rationale for coming onboard around 2:00 pm every day is "Why spend money in Spain when I have an all-inclusive food-and-beverage package?!" Everything from the breakfast buffet, to the coffee bar, to the tasty ice cream and poolside bar makes me want to run 10 miles. And, having had another burger today, I am not sure what the issue was with the burgers on the first day. My second burger of the trip I ordered a cheddar, bacon, jalepeno burger and it was perfect. The meat not only touched the edges of the bun, at times it exceeded it to provide an excellent carb to meat ratio. Additionally, the sheer height of the burger meant I had to eat the darn thing sideways. How much fun is that!?!!! Good thing I am working out 7-10 miles everyday or else I would be hugely fat with the food program, desserts and adult beverages!

PHOTO: My pedometer before 1:00 pm today! (c) Sery Kim

Actually, I have started to walk on the deck at the top of the ship after dinner. A nice two miles, approximately 10 laps, helps with the digestion -- and lowers the calorie count for the day. When we were leaving Alicante, I caught a gorgeous sunset and it really made my day. The perfect end to a rather boring day in a dull, hot town. Looking at the world from the sea made me truly feel blessed with all God has given. Of course most of the boat was taking in the evening entertainment. The ship has onboard an entire entertainment crew, as well as speciality guests. After the program, guests can continue on to a bar with dancing or the casino. I am for neither -- hard to dance with men who are married and 2/3 times your age! But the evening sunset strolls are blissful.

I am happy.

Be sure to tune into the blog later for a full recap on the two specialty dining programs onboard. Until then, wish me luck trying not to gain weight on this ship!

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