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Regent Seven Seas Voyager: Day Three in Malaga

PHOTO: View of the Regent Seven Seas Voyager from my DC transplant friend's lovely balcony (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday our time on Spanish soil was in the beach town of Malaga. I was surprised to learn over 560,000 residents live in this town and they have a large international airport with direct flights to JFK. Until Malaga appeared on my cruise itinerary I never even knew it existed but now, having visited, I can see why residents would want to keep it a secret. Malaga is Spain's best kept secret with its sublime architecture, stunning botanical gardens (immediately viewable from where the cruise ships dock), as well as the upscale boardwalk abutting the port. So verdant was the scenery, palm trees flush everywhere, I couldn't help but take a touristy picture. I also learned the gardens were built by one of two richest families in Malaga in a joint 50/50 venture with the local government.

PHOTO: One of the courtyards immediately surrounding the Cathedral of Malaga (c) Sery Kim

Because I had two friends who used to live in D.C. and moved to Malaga, I did not in engage in any of the excursions. Instead I very happily played with their spectacularly bubbly 5-month-old daughter Leyla as we strolled around the heart of Malaga.

PHOTO: Palacio Miramar Hotel (c) Sery Kim

Because they know I am a fan of luxury hotels, they took me first to the Palacio Miramar, the nicest hotel in Malaga. The building was formerly the Treasury Department but it was originally built as a hotel. The massive marble facade was not even the most impressive element of the hotel. Instead, when you walk in to the hotel, you are really struck by its cantilevered atrium. Huge jeweled chandeliers dangling in a space flooded with natural light.

Outside the hotel was a sprawling pool space which, even on a hot day in Malaga, had plenty of men and women dressed for outdoor lunch. I didn't have the stamina to sit outside so we lounged inside before heading back out for another stroll.

PHOTO: The exterior of the Cathedral of Malaga (c) Sery Kim

The castle/fort of Malaga is right in the heart of the city, as is the Cathedral. I wasn't so interested in doing either and instead just strolled around the city. I am so glad I did because I got the best manicure I have ever gotten for a mere 6 euro. It was a tiny shop which, in America, would resemble a closet. Four girls and a man worked in the tiny space and they consistently were busy the entire time I was there. I knew I should have taken a photo of the place but I sadly did not. Bummed! I did snap a photo of their business card for my girl friend who lives in Malaga. Info below:

Sweety Nails

Centro Estetia y Unas

TEL: 951 339 712 - 699 572 588

Calle Martires, 12.

Bajo Izquierda

29008, Malaga

PHOTO: My new dress purchased at SRTA. White Shop (c) Sery Kim

I also managed to continue my "Dresses Around The World" collection with a fabulous find at the boutique SRTA. White Shop. All the dresses are between $40 - $60 U.S. and made by Spanish designers. This is their super cute Instagram account: Be sure to check them out!

Thanks Malaga for a super wonderful day! Just the kind of R&R I needed.

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