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Welcome onboard Regent Seven Seas Voyager!

PHOTO: My suite onboard Regent Seven Seas Voyager (c) Sery Kim

After a whirlwind month of travel -- Estonia, DC, Santiago, DC, NYC and now Lisbon -- where my body was sling-shot more than it was actually human, I am so thankful to have landed in this beautiful Concierge Suite onboard the Regent Seven Seas Voyager. For the next nine days, the ship will be my home-away-from home. Nine guest decks carry 700 guests, with a nearly 1:1 ratio with staff (447 staff), and my first few hours onboard has been just as much of a whirlwind as my travels.

I landed in Lisbon and was onboard an hour later. My suite was ready, lucky for me, so I unpacked my carry-on and then went exploring. I stopped by the Excursion desk to sign-up for all of my excursions. With Regent, the vast majority of excursions are free and there are a wide variety of options. Tomorrow I will be exploring Cadiz, an Andalusian city, and throughout the course of the cruise I will get to visit five stops in Spain as well as Nice and Monte Carlo. All free. You can also sign up for all the excursions online before you board but for some reasons my choices didn't save. Either way, it didn't matter because I got all of my first choices.

After excursions, I walked up six flights to the pool deck on Deck Eleven. When I opened the doors, it felt like everyone was up there having lunch. I had a quick burger, fries and a Pina Colada before I went to the Canyon Ranch Spa on Deck Six to book some spa appointments. Lucky for me, Regent Seven Seas has a great spa partnership with Canyon Ranch providing each guest an extensive menu of options. Because I literally flew 12 hours Thursday/Friday and then another 12 hours Saturday/Sunday, I knew I had to get a massage. The 80 minute Deep Tissue massage is just what I needed to relax after my flight.

Other explorations on my part, revealed a very large library on Deck Six -- obviously the nerd in me already checked out two books -- as well as plenty of shopping, but rather than loiter I headed back to my room to enjoy the balcony in my suite. The weather is simply blissful. Oh. And I definitely brought back to my suite the delicious cookies in the coffee shop on Deck Five. For some reason, my burger wasn't quite as flavorful as I would have liked but I had zero complaints about these cookies. So hearty yet fluffy, full of enormous chunks of chocolate chips. I would have paid five dollars for a single one in New York City for sure but here onboard Regent Seven Seas Voyager all the desserts and drinks -- even the alcoholic ones -- and the food are all-inclusive. Tremendous!

As for the other amenities in my suite, I need to take more photos but we have L'Occitane toiletries, a Samsung television with a large entertainment selection, free bottle of champagne as well as a free bottle of wine (Dr. Loosen Reisling). So fabulous.

I am just chilling and relaxing, which is a huge blessing after all the stress of travel. I have rested and eaten and drank and can feel the stress leaving my body.

Be sure to tune into the blog everyday the next nine days for daily recaps!!! Thank you again Regent Seven Seas Voyager!!

PHOTO: Ice cream onboard the Regent Seven Seas Voyager (c) Sery Kim

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