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Thanks LandRoverUSA for my Range Rover!

PHOTO: My Range Rover HSE td6 in Dallas this weekend (c) Sery Kim

Taking a break from my hectic work travel schedule, I managed to find 72 hours to be in Dallas with my nephew Jackson Parker Kim, aka the cutest baby in the entire world -- clearly that is a highly objective statement, ha! He's 13 months old and any reason to get me to Dallas to see him I gladly take.

PHOTO: Jackson Parker Kim, aka cutest baby in the world (c) Sery Kim

This time around it was the opportunity to test drive the brand new Range Rover HSE td6. As the owner of a Lexus F-Sport, I have grown accustomed to the low-to-the-ground sports sedan. It's very easy to move around and quite luxurious. But having owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee for several years before transitioning into the luxury sedan market, I have missed the SUV. Enter the Range Rover test drive for my upmarket, soon-to-be conversion.

The 2017 Range Rover is, from what I can tell, a very sturdy car. While "sturdy" might sound quite boring, I think that is the exact opposite sentiment for Texas, aka the land of enormous SUVs. When I rode around in the vehicle in Dallas, I felt invincible and in Texas that is really saying something. Plus the Range Rover HSE td6 is quite spacious. I honestly felt I could sleep in it as comfortably as I could in a hotel's queen-size bed.

Mostly thought what I liked best about the Range Rover HSE td6 is the odometer within the windshield which explained to me on the left hand side how fast I was actually going verses the right hand side which was the suggested speed limit. This safety feature made a lot of sense to me and, something, which I desperately need in Washington, D.C. I seriously can not count on both hands the number of speeding tickets I get whenever I am home. UGH. So bad! I hate getting speeding tickets mailed to me from those darn speed cameras!

PHOTO: Driving my Range Rover HSE td6 in Plano, Texas (c) Sery Kim

Overall, such a fun way to get around hot, humid Dallas. I am also going to try out the new LandRover Discovery before I make an ultimate decision on my new car, but the Range Rover is moving higher on the list!

Thanks LandRover USA for making my trip home to Dallas so fun! Jackson Parker and I thank you greatly!!!

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