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Thank you Sofitel DC for a taste of summer!

PHOTO: Summer creations at ICI Urban Bistro (c) Sery Kim

The Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square has always been a great friend to me over the years, even before I became a full-time food and travel writer. I have seen the hotel as it underwent their recent renovations, through a few General Managers and Executive Chefs, and with the promotion of the first ever female General Manager of a luxury hotel in Washington, D.C. Regardless of these changes, what has remained consistent about this hotel is how the Sofitel Washington DC has often been a home-away-from-home for me. Whenever I needed a place to stay in D.C. I alternated between this charming hotel and my friends at the Four Seasons Georgetown, but when I need a quick place close to the center of D.C. to meet friends for drinks I always veer towards the ICI Urban Bistro.

This time around in D.C., I was charmed to have been invited to try out the new summer-time menu at ICI Urban Bistro, which included a wide variety of drinks and tasty dishes such as a lovely French-twist on a Branzino. My favorites from the new menu were the ones the Executive Chef recommended to me: the fresh Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare and the absolutely tasty Pan Seared Spanish Octopus. The Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare, without question, was the healthiest dish I had eaten all week, with a richly savory taste and not the typically mushy or rubbery feel bad tartares come with. I don't even like tartare and I enjoyed this dish very much -- so much so we ordered a second one. The Pan Seared Spanish Octopus was also quite healthy and I liked how the Chef combined lots of fresh ingredients in a deconstructed look rather than piling everything on top of each other.

I filled up on these two items before I could do some serious exploration of the other dishes so I will definitely be returning and will be sure to report back!

Thank you again Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square for having me!!

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