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Thank you Sperry for my gift!

PHOTO: Gifts from Sperry (c) Sery Kim

Today I came home to a surprise gift from Sperry, the famous boat shoe company. They were one of the corporate sponsors for the 35th America's Cup and lucky me got two pairs of their new Sperry 7 Seas. Colors? Red and Camo.

So. What I know about the Sperry 7 Seas Boat Shoes are they are super duper comfortable. (Full details here: After I opened the packing box, I immediately tried them on and even my wide duck feet felt relaxed. Apparently it has a "MocFit" construction which cradles your feet in a very chic minimalist design. For me this means is that it has a wide base. Also, it has "beastly traction," which basically means if you are running around a boat the non-marking rubber outsole, with razor-cut wave-siping, means you won't fall on your boat since there is bound to be water on the deck. Finally, the shoes have "intense vent," allowing your feet to breathe. While I didn't wear them while I was in Bermuda (obviously since they literally just arrived today), I can't wait to run around the rest of summer with this fun shoes!!

Thanks Sperry for the great surprise gift!! XOXO!

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