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Happy Fourth of July weekend!

PHOTO: A very clearly staged photo with Martin & Kristen's beautiful one-month baby girl (c) Sery Kim

After a pretty hectic few months on the road, I am one of the few Washingtonians staying inside the Beltway for a relatively balmy Fourth of July weekend. Also, one of my oldest friends in Washington, D.C. is getting married this Fall, and Jason & his gorgeous fiance Gaby's engagement party was last night. So wonderful being able to celebrate the love of a friend who I have known for more than eleven (!) years. Plus, I got to hang out with this lovely one-year-old Tessa, staging what I imagine I will do when I have my own kid (whenever that may be). Clearly I am going to a fabulous Mum: one who drinks champagne, wears red lipstick, fancy dangly earrings and grown-up dresses.

PHOTO: Playing engagement games (c) Sery Kim

Since I am in town for Fourth of July weekend in our Nation's Capital, I thought I would find some fun things to do. Obviously the National Mall will be a wreck though the National Gallery of Art does have a Sylvia Plath exhibit going on. The Renwick Gallery is another cool place, and literally the only Museum in Washington, D.C. I have not been too. Renwick focuses on contemporary and craft art but is probably better known as the Museum on the same grounds as The White House.

If you aren't a fan of art and museums, then the Washingtonian always has a tremendous round-up of activities and you can find them here: Most of them tend to focus on food-and-drink, and I am always on the lookout for NON food-and-drink related activities (mostly because I spend so much of my weekday focused on this). But this one is their July guide of activities and I think it's pretty great:

Of course, the main activity to do in Washington, D.C. for Fourth of July weekend centers around our Nation's birthday. Check out Mount Vernon for their festivities. I went last year and the fireworks show is quite beautiful. Other favorite activities would be off of this list from The Washington Post:

Whatever you do, hope you have a great time celebrating this beautiful country! CHEERS!!

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