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Day Three of Bermuda: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

PHOTO: On jet skis at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa (c) Sery Kim

For my third day in Bermuda, we hit up one of the most popular resorts in Bermuda, the Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. During the initial days of the 35th America's Cup, Land Rover had actually bought out the entire property so I was fortunate to get into Cambridge in-between the initial racing and the finals.

Unlike the Fairmont Southampton, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is more of a boutique hotel rather than a sprawling campus. (The "cottages," as the rooms are referred to, have been a popular Bermuda destination for a slew of celebrities, such as the aforementioned Land Rover company.) Also, unlike the Fairmont the beach itself is not carefully groomed and full of rocks, as well as so much glass all of us were shocked. I managed to slice open my right foot's big toe so I wasn't a huge fan of the beach itself but the water sports at Cambridge were quite fantastic. I took out the jet ski, along with an instructor naturally, around to the America's Cup Village. During the hour-long ride, we also ran into Team Oracle USA practicing, which was quite the thrill. I love me some jet skiing!

PHOTO: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa (c) Sery Kim

In addition to the water sports, Cambridge Beaches has a marvelous food-and-beverage program. After jet skiing, we sat down to a humungous and tasty lunch. My burger, photo below, was gargantuan stacked with layer upon layer of fresh, healthy goodness. There was no way I could get it even remotely into my mouth but I stacked it in full to take a picture -- and the french fries were nice and thick, perfectly cooked. Once I began to eat, I destroyed about a dozen napkins so I would say it was a highly successful lunch.

PHOTO: My burger (c) Sery Kim

Of course, when you are in Bermuda you have to have some adult beverages. My friend Kelley introduced me to the "Miami Vice," which is a mix of Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. The beautiful photo below is my Miami Vice set against the Cambridge Beaches. I seriously don't know how I managed to lose weight on this trip considering I drank an average of three of these a days so all I can surmise is that the Miami Vice diet is the best one out there!

PHOTO: Miami Vice cocktail (c) Sery Kim

Overall, it was another great beach day in Bermuda. My tan is probably the best it's ever been! Just one more day to go!

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