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Day Two of Bermuda: Red Bull Youth America's Cup

PHOTO: My Dark'n'Stormy, the official drink of Bermuda (c) Sery Kim

Our second day in Bermuda we were so fortunate to be taken out on the divine Bermudian water by Bermuda Tourism Board. They chartered a beautiful yacht for the day, and the chartered yacht had plenty of delicious beverages, including the wonderful Dark'n'Stormy pictured above. I never realized until I got onboard that the Dark'n'Stormy was the official drink of Bermuda. What a fun drink! I definitely tasted a few (ha!) and each of them were delicious.

I wish I would have taken a photo of the entire yacht but of course I didn't. I was too busy staring at the amazing scenery where we boarded, including the Emirates New Zealand team's official chase boat for America's Cup. Bermuda truly is one of the most magical places in the world!

PHOTO: One of the official Emirates New Zealand chase boats (c) Sery Kim

The yacht was four levels: the top level was a small area comfortably fitting eight people with full sun exposure; the middle area was the main body of the boat with a section upfront where at least two dozen people could comfortably sit; the third level was the area directly below the main area where there were two full dining areas and a very large kitchen; and finally the lowest level was three bedrooms. Actually, I suppose you could say the boat was quite large, the perfect yacht if you will. The entire group had plenty of room to sprawl and though it was only 11:30 am we crushed the sprawling food display.

PHOTO: The food display onboard Bermuda Tourism Board's chartered yacht (c) Sery Kim

All the food I tasted in Bermuda, whether it was at the Fairmont Southampton or onboard the yacht, was very fresh and well-prepared. Everything tasted healthy and, while I have absolutely no idea how this happened considering how much food I ate and cocktails I drank, I managed to lose two pounds while in Bermuda. Incredible!!

PHOTO: Watching the Red Bull Youth America's Cup teams practice before the finals (c) Sery Kim

Now while I love racing and boats I have never participated in any activities involving both these things until I was near the race course in Bermuda. Wednesday was the finals for the Red Bull Youth America's Cup and it was tremendously exciting! First of all the boats go super fast. If you are a boating person, the high speeds are 40 knots which is about 50 miles per hour. Second, there is no motor on these boats as they are solely fueled by the men (and women) onboard generating the power to get the boats through the waters. The grinding and immense strength it takes to move these boats boggles the imagination. Third, the boats are suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper close to each other as they race about the course. I seriously thought on at least two occasions they were going to knock into each other. Fourth and finally, when you watch on t.v. you will see how the athletes jump and bound from one side of the split hull to the other side. It is FANTASTIC to see the fearlessness of these athletes.

PHOTO: Video footage from the Red Bull Youth America's Cup (c) Sery Kim

I took a bunch of photos and videos and I apologize in advance for my video above being a bit smudged. While the weather was perfectly breezy, it was also perfectly sunny. I had gobs of sunscreen on my body and my face to prevent sunburn, but I still managed to get pretty burnt and peeling on my face. UGH. The sunscreen smudged the screen of my iphone 6+ but if you want to watch some really professional videos be sure to check out the official website for the 35th America's Cup here:

PHOTO: Having fun onboard our chartered yacht while waiting for the Red Bull Youth America's Cup finals to start (c) Sery Kim

After the race ended, the group headed off to a secluded area to jump into the water. It felt fantastic, not too cold and not too hot. Additionally, the water is so clear and beautiful. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get myself to Bermuda but I do know I will be back ASAP!

Thank you for a great second day Bermuda!!!!!

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