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Gone to Bermuda! 35th America's Cup

PHOTO: Courtesy of America's Cup Instagram

Whew. So I am back from the most incredible trip to Paris and Cognac with Louis XIII Cognac, with a quick 12 hour trip up to NYC yesterday to celebrate Travelzoo being the first publicly traded firm to have 80% of their board be comprised of female members, and now I am at the airport again to fly to Bermuda for America's Cup! I haven't done a grueling stretch of travel like this since 2015 -- still have no idea how I survived traveling every week internationally, working 40 hours at a law firm, starting a new business AND being in a relationship in 2015.

Not only is this my first America's Cup, the 35th one and also hosted by Louis Vuitton, this will be my first time ever to Bermuda. I've only heard the most amazing things about Bermuda and am grateful to be there during championship week. Even though America is down a few points I am hopeful they will be able to beat Team Emirates in the end! Actually, if you want to read more about the status of the championship, then be sure to read this great re-cap from The New York Times entitled, "Oracle Team USA Is Racing the Clock to Find an Edge.

Be sure to tune into the blog every day for all the fun activities we are going to be engaged in. While I do love fancy yachts and boat, I am so looking forward to hitting the water on my own with jet skis and to wearing some of the cute outfits I bought for this trip! Many thanks to the Bermuda Tourism Board for inviting me!!

PHOTO: A cute outfit I bought for Bermuda this week (c) Sery Kim

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