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Hello from Cognac, France: Memories with Louis XIII

PHOTO: Photo of me taken from the bottom of a French Oak barrel on the premises of Remy Martin (c) Sery Kim

Sunday we headed off to Cognac, France for 48 hours of exploring the storied history of Remy Martin. As someone who has never really spent a lot of time learning about Spirits -- with a capital "S" -- I was particularly enthused about this and, as you can tell from my date stamp positing of Tuesday instead of Sunday, I have been really revelling in the entire experience.

I will try and write about Sunday and yesterday tomorrow -- we are off to Versailles today -- so you can see for yourself the incredible time we have had!

PHOTO: My sunglasses on a $500,000 bottle of Louis XIII (c) Sery Kim

Merci BEAUCOUP Louis XIII for the kind invitation! I am loving all of it! Sante!

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