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A most lovely Seine River yachting experience with Louis XIII

PHOTO: Yachting on the Seine River last night with Louis XIII cognac (c) Sery Kim

Words can not describe how enthused I was to receive an invitation to join the Louis XIII Cognac family in Paris last minute earlier this week. Of course, the moment I got the invite I said a vivid -- and quick -- "YES!" After all, who says no to a business class flight to Paris onboard La Compaigne; two days in Paris with a picnic in Versailles; and two days in cognac, including dinner at the family estate of Remy Martin?!? Certainly not me! Before I knew it Friday came and off I went to Newark, New Jersey to fly the quick 6 hours and 20 minutes to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

PHOTO: The "Fantasy" cocktail at Four Seasons George V (c) Sery Kim

Landing in Paris mid-morning was a surreal experience. Surprisingly, Paris had hardly any people in the airport. We went quickly through, collected our luggage and barreled without any grinding traffic to our hotel the Hotel Scribe, a Sofitel located within a literal block from the legendary Paris L'Opera. While the hotel interiors are not as lush/luxurious as I am used to, I can say without a doubt the beds are super comfortable, the showers pour out such hot steaming water even someone like me who loves to blast the heat on to full hot had to turn the dial almost to nothing, and the inner courtyard allows guests to open windows and flood in the sounds of Paris. You can judge for yourself whether the listed price is worth $499 a night (using hotel discount sites you can try to get it for $249) since the Renaissance Paris Republique, a Marriott, which starts around $200 a night and has a much newer, quality brand in the same area with all the same features I just mentioned.

PHOTO: Parisian coffee break at the Coupole du Printemps

Even though I was absolutely exhausted from the flight -- I did not sleep at all Thursday night and slept sporadically on the flight over -- I was determined to combat any jetlag by powering through the afternoon. Thankfully a friend of mine joined me for coffee at the Coupole du Printemps, a very famous place to have coffee as you can see the external Coupole from all throughout Paris, and then we walked about 7 miles throughout Marais.

PHOTO: Amongst Jeff Leatham's floral displays at Four Seasons George V (c) Sery Kim

The real highlight of the day, which I knew would truly be spectacular, was our plans for the evening. We began with drinks at the bar at Four Seasons George V, a legendary luxury hotel (without question one of the best in the world), before we headed to the Seine River for a luxurious river cruise with Louis XIII.

PHOTO: On the Seine River (c) Sery Kim

I know I get paid to produce words to describe my life experiences, but even for me it is arduous to cull together the right phrasing to fully encapsulate everything I felt last night. First of all, while I had done a river cruise my first trip to Paris almost ten years ago, it was a rickety, ugly tourist boat where I was crammed in like sardines. This time around the Louis XIII Cognac family had rented out a private yacht for the four of us, with full concierge service. Additionally, due to the magnificent 68-70 degree weather in the evening (with a full moon), it felt as if all of Paris was out on the banks of the Seine River. We cruised seeing others enjoying their life and love, with several friendly Parisians waving to us, and it just felt magical and special. I highly highly recommend you cruise a private cruise experience if you get a chance with the company Yachts de Paris' Cachemire.

PHOTO: The dining room of the Cachemire (c) Sery Kim

Louis XIII Cognac rented the boat for us for three hours, enough time for us to enjoy several rounds of cocktails outside the boat. We laughed and talked while drinking a few bottles of champagne and enjoying truly delicious hors d'oeuvres. My particular favorite, as always, was the foie gras canape -- I do love me some canape -- but in reality it was just being onboard cruising the Seine on the perfect summer night. Music was piped in, I was with friends, and whatever I felt was going "wrong" with my life felt like it was all going "right." In that moment, I truly felt like everything was going to be okay.

PHOTO: View of the Eiffel Tower from our yacht (c) Sery Kim

Dinner itself was good. I liked the starter the most as I found the pork to be seasoned weird; however, can one really complain when you are yachting down the Seine with Louis XIII? I don't think so!

PHOTO: The starter (c) Sery Kim

Such a blessed life! I am incredibly grateful to the Louis XIII family for a fantastic start to, what I am sure, is going to be a life-changing three days in France!

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