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Windstar Day Seven: Split, Croatia and a recap of the epic BBQ in Kotor, Montengro

PHOTO: View of Split, Croatia from onboard the Wind Surf (c) Sery Kim

Day seven of the cruise we entered the second-largest city of Croatia, Split. Emperor Diocletian built a Roman Palace here on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea in the fourth century AD, and today Split is popular for as an intraregional transportation hub. I must admit, after seven days (and six nights) of touring, eating, drinking and socializing, I was pretty tired and didn't have so much energy to power through 7-10 miles of walking in a new city. Thankfully Split was a day where I did not have an itinerary planned and only had on my agenda a farmer's market shopping expedition with the onboard Executive Chef Eddie.

PHOTO: Buying mussels in Split, Croatia (c) Sery Kim

One of the fresh aspects of the Wind Surf voyage is every day the Executive Chef makes the attempt to go out and purchase local fresh ingredients. He then uses those ingredients to fuel the menu in each of the onboard restaurants, with a 6:30 pm tasting of the food engaged by everyone staffing the restaurant. Our epic onboard bbq in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro was probably the most sublime version of this. Eddie went out into Kotor and literally purchased a huge truck load of seafood, meats, cheese, fruits and anything else he could fit into the truck. The entire fifth deck of the Wind Surf was covered in so much food, our eyes ached.

PHOTO: One of two enormous paella stands onboard in Kotor, Montengro

I wish I would have taken more photos that night in Kotor of the displays of food, but I was so distracted by the views of the bay -- and the amazing company. I also was tremendously full from all the food I had eaten earlier in Kotor because, honestly, I did not expect the BBQ to be so over-the-top. I mean, there were not one but two roasted spit pigs over the fire, fresh lobster being grilled, sausages and freshly carved proscuitto. If I would have known that I probably only would have drank water and had coffee!

PHOTO: BBQ onboard the Wind Surf in Kotor, Montenegro (c) Sery Kim

There was also an entire table dedicated to desserts. Despite being a real sweets person, I did not make it to the dessert table. Didn't even walk over there except to take the photo below. Why? Well, I was "forced" to eat lobster (boo-hoo) and at least half a plate of paella. Add to this wine and more wine, plus champagne, and I was lucky to be able to get up and dance when the music started -- trust me when I say I am not a good dancer but a rather enthusiastic one.

PHOTO: Dessert Table onboard the Wind Surf in Kotor, Montenegro (c) Sery Kim

So the food onboard, needless to say, was quite fantastic. And in Split, the farmer's market was huge with plenty of fruits and vegetables left even though we didn't land and get there until 10:00 am. (Apparently, it opens at 7:00 am and that is when there is the most items for purchase.) wish I could somehow harness the smells emanating from the fruits ... divine.

PHOTO: Grapes in Split, Croatia (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Cherries in Splita, Croatia (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: I love flowers the most (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Enormous pinwheels of bread in Split, Croatia (c) Sery Kim

I also think, after the amazing day in Dubrovnik, anything after would have been a bit downhill. This is not to say Split isn't wonderful -- I heard the beaches were fantastic -- but I really think I need a more leisurely trip to Croatia where all I have to do is sit on beaches and drink the gorgeous Croatian wine.

One more day in Croatia and then it's off to Venice!

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