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Windstar Cruise: Day Four "At Sea"

PHOTO: A bit of a blustery morning (c) Sery Kim

On the fourth day on board the Wind Surf, we spent the entire day out to sea going up from Sicily towards Montenegro. The weather was moderately blustery: lots of sweeping winds keeping the boat rocking a bit from side-to-side as if we were all encased in a hammock. No one onboard stayed in our cabins, as far as I could tell, and we were still kept tidy and cozy even in the bit of overcast weather. Thankfully our captain informed us the rest of the cruise it will be sun, sun and more sun -- and I can tell you while writing this afternoon in Split, Croatia the weather the rest of the cruise could not have been better.

Since we spent more than 24 hours on-board, I really had a chance to explore everything the Wind Surf had to offer. Before I go into detail, I spoke with quite a few guests who gave me their perspective and one of my favorite stories is of two couples who loved this particular "Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast" so much they literally re-boarded the ship after their first cruise ended to join up on the return trip. AMAZING. Really amazing. Other couples have been on as many as 20 cruises, one couple from Texas who just got married and were on their honeymoon, and we even had a vow renewal.

My new favorite people are actually Greg and Denise Pence who are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary onboard. Would you believe their son is co-workers with one of my best girl friends?! My friend texted their son and next thing you know Denise is asking a staff person, while standing about a foot from me, "Do you know a Sery Kim?" Hearing my name being queried, I turn to Denise and stated, "I'm Sery Kim." What in the world!?!!! Denise and I found each other in the most random way possible. We didn't even plan it and yet the cruise would not have been the same without them!

PHOTO: The truly adorable and super fabulous Greg and Denise Pence (c) Sery Kim

Though people do tend to veer into the same adjectives when describing a cruise, there really is no better adjective to describe sailing onboard the Wind Surf as anything other than "amazing." Having been so utterly disappointed with my Uniworld Cruise, I wasn't sure whether this Windstar Cruise would end up like Seabourn (magical and utterly life-transforming) or Uniworld (terrible and not great at all). With my high expectations -- I am spoiled and am darn well pleased about it -- I'm lucky to have so many memories and I want to continue to live a very lucky life. Everything from the service to the food and beverages, spa to entertainment, I am so thankful Windstar Cruise line has an experience where every detail onboard the Wind Surf is impeccably curated.

Starting with the spa, the Uniworld Cruise literally had a tiny bathroom-esque space which they converted for their limited spa services menu. Though the spa attendant gave me a truly relaxing massage, they did not offering a laundry list of items. Wind Surf, and the entire Windstar Cruise line such as their new trip to the Monaco Grand Prix, have partnered to create the "WindSpa." Facials, Massages, scrubs, wraps, fitness, salon services including nails, hair color and waxing, as well as tooth whitening and even Chinese medicine services means the WindSpa has a better spa menu list than even some landlocked salons.

I was even more impressed by the offering of special deals like "The Perfect Day" where for $149, you get 75 minutes of full body massage, soothing foot/ankle/scalp massage as well as a spa facial. Total pure pampering! All the ladies raved about the massage treatments especially, and the men were surprised by how much they enjoyed the "Barber's Shop" which offers grooming treatments for men like a deep cleansing treatment with shave. I tried the SPECIAL special which is the onboard Isothermal Treatment where, for $149, you can lose up to eight inches off your body. No. Way. I knew I had to try it and found it not only very relaxing but I did lose 5 1/2 inches off my body in about 30 minutes.

PHOTO: A pina colada and a book onboard (c) Sery Kim

Other options for sailing day include cooking demonstrations, cocktail demonstrations, fashion shows, towel folding, an onboard casino, shopping, a DVD rental program, books, yoga + pilates, as well as my favorite: the evening dance party at Compass Ross their speakeasy type bar. Basically, there truly is no shortage of options for spending a day at sea. As for me? I haven't drank a pina colada since I was in college but the onboard one is so good I've had one every afternoon now while I read about one of my favorite inspirations, Mrs. Julia Child.

So blessed by this incredible life!

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