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Thank you AWAY for my new luggage set!

PHOTO: My amazing birthday gift from AWAY (c) Sery Kim

As everyone knows, I am leaving this upcoming Sunday for my birthday cruise to Italy and the Dalmatian Coast. In advance of this trip, which will have me on the road for 2 1/2 weeks, I was given the chance to try some new luggage.

Ah luggage. Since I travel so much, I am habitually on the hunt for great pieces of luggage. In fact, over the last three years I have managed to demolish about six pieces. Of course these pieces were not the most expensive on the block because when I travel I deliberately chose not to check expensive pieces of luggage since thieves -- and the TSA -- usually go through the expensive pieces of luggage first. As a result, when you buy an inexpensive, oversized 29' it's generally going to have to be thrown away after a few long-haul flights or, in my case, about 100,000 miles worth.

Enter AWAY.

PHOTO: A carry-on AWAY with monogramming courtesy of AWAY

Away was founded by two former Warby Parker executives in Feb 2016 to target wanderlust-filled millennials. The desire was to eliminate the "middle-men," both brick-and-mortar stores as well as online retailers like AMAZON, in a true direct-to-consumer travel model like Warby Parker did with glasses. Additionally, the co-founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio also wanted sleek, impeccably crafted luxury luggage pieces which could also act as USB chargers.

Four sizes are offered (carry-on, oversized carry-on, medium and large) and prices start at just $225 for The Carry-on and going up to $295 for The Large. Six colors are also available, including the basic black and blue as well as fun colors like green, sand and brick. Additional details include a nylon bag within for laundry, scratch resist exteriors and 360 degree Hinomoto wheels for easy rolling. And, just in time for graduation as well as wedding season, AWAY is offering the chance to have New York artist Jen Mussari to monogram three letters on your suitcase for $40 extra dollars.

PHOTO: Monogrammed AWAY luggage courtesy of AWAY

Almost forgot the most important element! The AWAY luggage comes with a lifetime guarantee so if even a relentless traveler like me has the tiniest issue with her suitcase, AWAY will replace it for free wherever I am in the world. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

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