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Best Easter EVER, thanks to Four Seasons Dallas!

PHOTO: Our Easter dinner table at LAW Restaurant (c) Sery Kim

I hope everyone had the most wonderful Easter Sunday! I know, for me and my family, we had the best Easter we've ever had so far mainly due to my nephew Jackson Parker Kim. He is -- in my completely unbiased opinion (haha) -- the cutest kid to have ever been born. At 9 1/2 months, Jackson Parker is humongously fat, super duper smart and just the happiest baby I have ever been around in my entire life.

PHOTO: Jackson Parker Kim and his Easter gift from me Mr. Floppy Ears (c) Sery Kim

Also, the other aspect of Easter which was unique to us was spending this time at the sprawling Four Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas. Their revamped/new restaurant LAW had more than 750 reservations for Easter Sunday, and I honestly have no idea how the kind people working there were still standing by the time we came for dinner, but we are certainly happy to have enjoyed their hospitality.

PHOTO: Me and Jackson Parker Kim (c) Sery Kim

I've never had dinner with an infant and, again, not to go bragging on Jackson Parker but he was the ideal baby! So sweet and happy -- also he was flirting outrageously with all the ladies so that was hilarious. Our staff at LAW could not have been more accommodating in seating us as well as serving us.

PHOTO: Jackson Parker contemplating the cocktails at LAW (c) Sery Kim

As when I go to any new restaurant, I always ask the staff for some of their favorite things. Our server highly suggested the deviled eggs as well as the bacon, and I have to say most choices make my mouth water. In particular, the deviled eggs were the best I've ever had and that is really saying something because deviled eggs in the South are a big deal.

PHOTO: Bacon at LAW (c) Sery Kim

At LAW, the Chef garnishes the presentation of six deviled eggs with three different sets of toppings: blue crab, herb and duck confit. The eggs were incredibly fresh but it really was the milky smoothness of the cooked yolk. I just wanted to put them all into my stomach without sharing but, of course, I had to. Even though this next sentence will sound completely over-the-top but my brother Chris doesn't even like eggs very much and he loved the deviled eggs so take that for what it is worth ... ;-)

For our entrees, we ordered the scallops (sister-in-law) and then my brother and I split the Long-Bone Tomahawk because, when in Texas, you should order meat. We also ordered a slew of sides: mac'n'cheese, cauliflower, crispy brussel sprouts, baked potato and marbled potatoes. All of the sides were tremendous but the two favorites are the crispy brussel sprouts as well as the cauliflower. The way the way the Chef blanched the vegetables and lightly seasoned them made me literally want to turn into a vegetarian -- I mean, only if I can take chef home with me!

We tried as best we could to eat everything but each bite was tremendously filling. Also, as a result, we didn't really do dessert so I will have to report back again on what dessert is like at lAW.

Oh. Almost forgot. Got the most amazing cocktail called "People helping People." Be sure to order that!

PHOTO: My brother, sister-in-law and nephew (c) Sery Kim

I wish I had taken more photos of the food but I was completely entranced by my nephew; however, I do know that if you are looking for a wonderful place to experience Easter Sunday, then LAW at Four Seasons Dallas is where you want to be. The service is impeccable; they are super kid-friendly; the food is delicious; and the adult beverages will help you forget any stress!

We can't wait to make this an annual family tradition! God Bless!!

PHOTO: Jackson Parker's first Easter thanks to Four Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas (c) Sery Kim

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