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Countdown: Three weeks until Italy and the Dalmatian Coast

PHOTO: Selfie in Amalfi (c) Sery Kim

The itinerary for my birthday cruise to Italy and the Dalmatian Coast arrived, and I am truly thrilled to be headed back to Europe in three weeks. We begin in Rome before sailing sailing to Amalfi and Giardini Naxios. Then after three days in Italy, we go to Montenegro and onwards to Croatia. Since Game of Thrones filming in Croatia escalated the profile of this small country of 4.25 million people, the rise in tourism has been quite profound. I've been trying to go but, due to timing, I haven't been able to yet so I am so enthused to be there in May.

So many things to think about on this trip. I'm always grateful for these tremendous opportunities I have to see the world, and I think on this one I will have even more to be thankful for.

Be sure to tune into the blog starting May 8th for daily updates!

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