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Easter weekend at the Four Seasons Dallas

PHOTO: Screenshot of my itinerary at the Four Seasons Dallas (c) Sery Kim

Happy Maunday Thursday to all those who celebrate Easter -- and a continued Happy Passover to my dear Jewish friends. I am excited to be packing up for another trip (two this week so far after my whirlwind trip to New York City Tuesday and Wednesday), but this time I am going home to Texas for Easter.

So nice of the Irving Tourism Board and my dearest friends at the Four Seasons Dallas for putting together a beautiful trip back. I mean, seriously!!! HOW GORGEOUS is this itinerary?!? Just wait until you see everything they have put together for me at one of the best Four Seasons properties in the world. It's INCREDIBLE. (So many capital letters from me to express my enthusiasm.)

Also, they are hosting the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament next month. Guess who is going to be there as the returning champion? Sergio Garcia, the newest Masters Champion! Exciting stuff!

Be sure to tune into the blog starting Sunday for all the updates and reviews of my stay!

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