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My newest ABC Let's Talk Live segment

PHOTO: Screenshot of me on Let's Talk Live earlier today (c) Sery Kim

If you missed the chance to catch me live on-air earlier today, be sure to watch the segment online through the link here:

Many thanks, as ever, to the most wonderful morning show hosts in D.C. Julie Wright and Kidd O'Shea for always making me feel right at home! I don't think the angle from below -- or the huge pillow behind me puffing me out -- is great but I love the photo below for how much fun Julie and I are having with the always charming Kidd O'Shea.

PHOTO: Me and Julie laughing at the always hilarious and self-depreciating Kidd (c) Sery Kim

Also, thanks to you my readers (and watchers) for supporting me -- and to Let's Talk Live for promoting this blog!

PHOTO: Yet another screen grab from today's segment (c) Sery Kim

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