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Be sure to tune into Let's Talk Live at 10:30 am this morning

PHOTO: Awkward green-room selfie (c) Sery Kim

I'm finally off-the-road (four days) long enough to pop into my favorite DC area morning show, Let's Talk Live, to do my first segment in a few months. I have a new spring palate for my makeup -- dewy fresh with purples and pinks -- as well as my new dress and belt from Florence, Italy. I've already test-driven this look Sunday at brunch and this random girl got up from her brunch table to follow me, earnestly querying "Where did you get that dress?!!!" Sweet. When I told her I got it in Florence, her face fell a bit but she said she loved it.


Actually, this never happens to me but there is a rack full of Armani clothes in the green-room here at Let's Talk Live. Not sure who it is for but I kinda want to try stuff on, particularly the ARMANI! Of course, I won't because by the looks of the steamer in here someone took a lot of time to make sure there wasn't a single wrinkle on any of these items of clothing!


Be sure to tune in at 10:30 for my latest travel segment. In an unusual twist for me, I will not be talking about anything luxurious but rather more budget friendly items. "Where to travel if you are young and broke!"

Thanks as always for your support!

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