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Tune into my next ABC WJLA segment on Tuesday, April 11

PHOTO: Loving these "Facebook Memories" (c) Sery Kim

Lately Facebook has been doing these "Facebook Memories" and I am really digging these blasts into the past! Today, this photo popped up of me on the set of Let's Talk Live, this day, two years ago. WOW. Hard to believe how fast two years have flown by! I was so tired, young and thin (ha) in this picture, with crazy long hair I might add. No seriously, when I think of 2015 I think of how hard I worked to become a full-time food and travel writer. I literally never slept, which is probably why I dropped twenty pounds. (Also I was on the road every week so being constantly jet-lagged probably made my body crazy.)

Actually, it's not like I'm any nicer to my body now. I'm back home to Arlington, VA today after five weeks of binge travel, covering four different continents including three separate trips to Italy (Rome, then Rome again, Tuscany and Firenze). It's just incredibly nice to sleep in my own bed and wake up to work at my desk, surrounded by the crisp floral smells of my place and all of my things. Even the construction going on across the street from me, driving me bonkers at any other time of the week, feels "normal."

Normalcy. It's really highly under-rated!

Anyhoo. I'm headed back to the set of Let's Talk Live this upcoming Tuesday, April 11th. I'll be talking about affordable travel for those who are young and broke (basically for people like me two years ago). Should be a great segment! Be sure to tune in live around 10:00 am.

Thanks always for your support!!! XOXO!!

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