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Fulfilling the last place on my bucket list: JAPAN!

PHOTO: (c) Sery Kim

Well, it's finally upon me. The last place on my bucket list: Japan! After two years of being a food-and-travel writer, I managed to string together the time and the right location (Four Seasons thank you very much) to get myself over to the literal other side of the world. The last time I was anywhere near Japan was before I could remember anything -- my parents immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea -- so this will be a real treat.

I can't wait to visit Kyoto and Tokyo for the first time. Also, allegedly, the cherry blossoms there are first blooming so I will have a really great chance to experience the REAL cherry blossoms in their homeland!

So blessed by this extraordinary life. People ask me all the time how I did this -- and how they can become travel writers too -- and honestly I think it was just hard work and dumb luck!

Here's to many more years of both!

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