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D.C.'s Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar

PHOTO: Inside the madness of the Cherry Blossom Bar (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I had the opportunity to pop-by the Cherry Blossom Pop-up Bar at Derek Brown's super popular Mockingbird Hill and Southern Comfort. Combining a feature of D.C. living (cherry blossoms) and the scalding popularity of Shaw/Bloomingdale (I could not believe all the new bars, restaurants and apartments there), Derek managed to create the longest lines I've seen in D.C. since the height of the cupcake popularity at Georgetown Cupcake.

When my Uber pulled up more than a block away and I saw a long queue, I never would have imagined it was for the Cherry Blossom Pop-up Bar but, admittedly, I missed entirely Derek's Christmas Bar which, apparently, had an average of a three-hour wait.


PHOTO: Mockingbird Hill's Christmas Bar courtesy of The Washington Post

If you get a chance to get in, be sure to stop by as the drinks are super tasty. I loved the Mario Brothers music being flooded in, as well as the bartenders dressed in their Mario Brothers customers. While there aren't a whole lot of snacks to go along with the drinks, you won't regret waiting in line -- and it's my fault that I can't tell you all the drinks there because I was so busy socializing and drinking I missed taking a photo of the drink menu. Thank goodness for The Washingtonian who took a photo and put it on their website here:

So what I drank or, I suppose it's more accurate to say I, "downed" It's a Me, Amario in about five minutes flat. So tasty was this conncoction of sweet vermouth, Don Ciccio & Figli Carcafio Appertivo and Spicy Ginger Ale I literally had to leave the bar to prevent myself from drinking anymore. UGH. So dangerously delicious it definitely falls into what I like to call "first date drinks," i.e. drinks you love more than anyone you are with. hahaha.

You could also read The Washingtonian's full review here:

So, since I wasn't paying as much attention as my friends over The Washingtonian, this means I am headed back! If you are heading there too be sure to pop me a line! Happy drinking!!

PHOTO: Friday Night Lights (c) Sery Kim

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